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coverpic flag Norway - Full Moon 126 - 01/03/07

Du e ikke trygg
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A real Christmas gem this is, delivered from Svävestöv (particulate matter) to all of us, and especially to the local politicians and industrial companies in northern Norway city Mo i Rana, again Norway's most polluted city. Back in the good old 70's the mayhem industry of this city killed off every known life form in an entire fjord. The surrounding nature and the city's people are still paying the price, and it seems that today's politicians are just as lame when it comes to setting limits to the industry's pollution. As Svävestöv say: "This is a musical project born from filth and anger. The band's home town is now polluted to the point where children in kindergartens are being kept indoors."

I'm not sure who the people in the band are, but the quality of the kick-ass punk-metal song "Du e ikke trygg" (You're Not Safe) leads me to think that some of the somewhat established metal musicians from Mo i Rana are involved. This is punk like it was meant to be; angry, fun to listen to, and it makes me want to kick something! This may be a one-song project for all I know - though I hope not.

Check it out on MySpace: Svävestöv or at YouTube: Svävestöv.

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