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coverpic flag France - Full Moon 126 - 01/03/07

A Secret Sound
Athome Records/Zeitkristall Music/Kalinkaland

Géraldine Le Cocq and Jaques Henry make up this band. Their music is soft and dreamy and recalls the Cocteau Twins at times.

Opener "How Does It End" spirals pleasantly and Le Cocq's vocals are as pristine as can be. "Resolve" is a very Cocteau-like song, the singer's voice whispering sweetly as the guitar gently weeps. The lovely "Death and the City" is a bit more sophisticated with sweeping strings and a heavier rhythm. "Misunderstanding" has a snaky way with a tune and makes for a great, slightly spooky sounding song.

Mediavolo aren't breaking any new ground, but their album is utterly gorgeous and clearly worth a listen.

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