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coverpic flag England - Full Moon 126 - 01/03/07

Westpark Music

Bellowhead is a folk band consisting of eleven people dead set on creating their own sound. "Rigs of the Time" becomes a Balkan-inspired hoedown and singer Jon Boden sings lustily. "Across the Line" is a Brazilian sea shanty arranged to sound like traditional folk.

"Sloe Gin" is a combination of various songs and sounds very much like a crossbreed of the bands influences. "Flash Company" is influenced by a Tom Waits-like esthetic and works well, after a while its sounds like a music hall number. "The Outlandish knight" sees the Balkan influences take over and Boden sings his heart out.

Bellowhead do folk like few others and might just be the breathing new life into the genre. A staggering work, no less.

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