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coverpic flag England - Full Moon 126 - 01/03/07

Cat Designers
Tomorrow Never Knows
Googlie Moooglie

Nick Troop, who is Cat Designers, has made two fine albums in the past. His new one is a cover of the Beatles' Revolver. There have been others doing this as well, Mary Lee's Corvette's version of Dylan's Blood on the Tracks springs to mind. But Troop's gifted enough and brave enough to succeed.

"I'm only Sleeping" gets a breezy, mostly acoustic reading without too many liberties taken. Those are taken elsewhere. A pretty, fragile "Here, There and Everywhere" leads us into a bizarrely cool sea shanty of "Yellow Submarine". Honestly, its sounds like it always should have been this way. The brilliant "She Said, She Said" bounces along with dancey glee and Troop's talent shines. The bluesy reading of "Got To Get You Into My Life" works well too. "Tomorrow Never Knows" is just as trippy as ever, but strangely danceable in this incarnation.

This won't replace the original in anyone's affections, but it makes an entertaining album in its own right.

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