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Nehl Aelin
Ghost Of A Child

Nehl Aelin's music is spooky in a Tori Amos meets Danny Elfman's score for any Tom Burton film kind of a way. She has a ghostly yet childish voice and sets it against spooky backings involving her piano.

It starts with the suitably strange "The Late Lamented" which is all sighing vocals and piano. "Fall Into The Warren" drifts by softly, more whispers chaining it to the earth. The album's divided into three acts thus furthering the cinematic comparisons. "Silence" sounds like a temporary moment of calm in the nightmarish surroundings. Aelin resembles Tori Amos more morbid little sister here. A slight folk influence underpins the words of loss and sorrow. The album grows stranger still but Aelin never loses sight of good melodies and thus her record becomes a truly haunting experience.

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