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coverpic flag Belgium - Full Moon 123 - 10/07/06

Li Mohe Music

Soysoy hail from Belguim and play fetching ethereal music. Their singer Seesayle has a magical, somewhat Lisa Gerrard-ish voice. Opener "Loonotahi" sees her sing in an invented language. That makes the Cocteau Twins similarity apparent, but here with a more ethnic sound.

"King of the World" has Wiz singing and it sounds terrific. The song's got a Gothic almost Sisters of Mercy-esque slant, but its' more melodic and accessible than they were. "Silla" makes it obvious that the band is a delight to hear; Seesayle's voice set against a vivid melody. The world music influences are strongly felt here. "Home" is compelling and beautifully sung.

Soysoy's debut is a successful merging of different styles and cultures and a great listen to boot.

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