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Evil Beaver
Models of virtue EP

The Evil Beaver is a bass and drum duo that features Evie Evil on bass and vocals and Gene Trautman on drums. Trautman was a drummer with Queens of the Stone Age (QOTSA) earlier. The set-up is fresh and the funny part is that you don't feel that anything is missing. It rocks with bass and drum! If I should compare EB to some other bands I would say musically Melissa Auf Der Maur and in a way The White Stripes. There are three songs by Evil Beaver and one cover song, "I Wanna Be Your Dog" by the Stooges.

"Believin' Deceivin" starts off and is catchy and cool, even though Evie shouts "You're evil" several times. Next song has elements of QOTSA drumming, Black Sabbath bass riffs, and general noise. The cover song is slow and gentle at the beginning, before you start to prepare for take-off, a cool version I must admit. Last song "The Cherry Master" is a song where both Evie and Gene gives it all, heavy bass riffs, heavy drumming, together or apart.

I really liked this EP, and know I have to check out their earlier albums.

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