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The Judas Window

Monty is a cult figure whose path to this album has been crooked. He sang with the Dubious Brothers, arranged the "Classical Punk" record by the London Punkharmonic Orchestra, who played punk songs with strings. Monty's new solo effort is said to be "lounge goth". It's witty, wordy and frequently funny.

"Byronesque" is a withering putdown of a failed artist. "Did you think that by now inspiration would have struck you? Did you think you'd get by with no talent whatsoever? But our lives are enriched by the tales of your adventures So we'll raise a glass and cheer your self-destruction" he sings acidly. It's an utterly heartless but amusing singalong in a Divine Comedy fashion.

"Voodoo Hairdo" is a Doorsy song of a femme fatale with an even more fatal hairdo. "Eveyone Lies" twists around the concept that no one is truthful, especially not the one who says "Everyone lies but me". It's perhaps Monty's answer to Rollins Band's "Liar". It's more musically sugarcoated and more subtly evil though. Monty's not to be trusted but who cares? He's an entertaining songwriter and a great singer. His new album is pleasing and casually cruel in equal measures. Monty; I'm ready to be heartbroken.

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