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coverpic flag Australia - Full Moon 122 - 09/07/06

Adam Power
What Were Sundays For
Big Radio Records

Without doubt, Adam Power is a well-educated man within the field of pop-music. That should not be used against him, but it's difficult not to run internal guessing games while listening to ...Sundays. And the answers always come 'round to The Beatles, Kinks, Beach Boys etc. Really, this should be a compliment, but as long as the influence is so obvious that it fills every pore of every song it tends to be a bit overwhelming. And I can't quite get a grip of who Adam Power is.

The arrangements and production of the record tend to throw a big shadow over the songs themselves and sometimes stretches so far and wide that the story is lost. Then again, I fall easily for lines like: "You think it's wrong to trash my plates" and making references to "Back-packer, Czeck Republic", I just seem to miss the feeling he is trying to communicate.

It is a clever and well crafted album, but on my end it comes out a bit stiff and with a few too many legs it's trying to walk on.

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