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Laughing Outlaw Records

Sometimes, rock 'n roll has that power to creep up on you, strike you right across the nose or stand before you - wide-legged - and demand your attention. Well, Nightweather called for me in neither of those ways. I think it was around the time of its sixth or seventh run through my stereo that I felt as if someone kept tapping on my shoulder, the same beat that got hold of my feet. Then, after a few more runs, it turned into a love-affair. I am now officially a follower.

Really, there's nothing new or much of stand-out originality in what Wallspace does. But they do it with such a nerve, so to-the-point and sincerely in touch with the inner roars of rock that there are few questions left to ask. But if you need some answers, here's what you get: They're a trio of vocals, guitars and drums. Yes, you're right, The White Stripes can be name-dropped. Although, here's a couple of real siblings. Savannah and Nicholas Elias teamed up with Jason Kingshott (drums) and obviously figured they had all they needed for a band - and a set of good songs. This is their first band and their first album. Savannah's vocals brings PJ Harvey and Patti Smith to mind but she is solidly a genuine singer in her own right. They're young and spirited. They make me feel both old and younger. Old because I am, compared to them, and younger because they manage to kick life back into bones that settle too easily nowadays.

How's your love life in your black jacket? Now, there's a question you never thought you'd get. Still, it feels awfully relevant asked by Wallspace. Don't wait for them to knock on your door, seek them out!

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