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Dead Bees

Sleeptalker hail from France and have their roots in excellent noise band Call Me Loretta. Their debut is aid to be a work in progress, they ask listeners to send in their own lyrics and vocals for the songs. They even mention plans to re-record the album with different singers on each track. Hmm..

Their occasional guest vocalists do good work but most of the songs are instrumentals. Such as moody opener "Wife Beater". It's got scratchy guitar parts. I kind of hear it with a shouty Mark E. Smith bloke going "Wife-beater! Life cheater! Your corrosive mind wont work! Give me all your money." Sorry.. got carried away.

The next track has a shouty bloke and it sounds just great. "Sink or Swim" has a neat melody and a nice line in muttered vocals saying "Go away". Musically you hear echoes of Sonic Youth and the aforementioned the Fall. "White Night" sounds just lovely but still has jarring noise and tension. So, a work in progress it may be, but it's still worth hearing and playing very loud.

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