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coverpic flag France - Full Moon 120 - 07/11/06

Katzenjammer Kabarett
Katzenjammer Kabarett

This group claim to make 'post-punk cabaret'. Okay; count me in. The French group claim to be called Herr Katz, Klischee, Mr Guillotine and Mary Komplikated. This is their debut. "Germany Girly Song" is classic Goth more than anything else, all doomy atmospherics and ms. Komplikated's acerbic lead vocal. "Genuine, a Fantastic Revue" is definitely cabaret, a classic combination of decadence and melody. "Lie Sucks Not" recalls early Siouxsie in its frenzied tempo and icy vocals. "Bal Manekinow" sounds like a techno version of some old folk song, then the vocals come in and it's very Siouxsie-esque again. Funny group this. "The Crowd Around" is gloriously deranged. This wont be an album that everyone will love, but those who fall under its spell will stay entranced.

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