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Rose et Noire
Tracé dans le bleu

Rose et Noire consists of singer Marie Möör and Laurent Chambert. Their debut featured eclectic songs done in a captivating style. The new album continues in its wake, Möör's lovely vocals accentuating the melodies. "Résiste" is a dissonant song in a style akin to the Aphex Twin. There's also a hint of Goldfrapp's grandiose "Utopia" in its disconnected chant. "Masque d'or" is a sweet, glacial song that's so lovely in its calm. Möör's poetic lyrics paint beautiful pictures to a Depeche Mode-ish beat. "Le bleu du ciel" is another slightly spooky track, the drone of the machines becoming oddly human. Möör's voice is a mere blip on the radar screen.

"La riviere" is more of a pop song than an experiment in sound, but it still pushes the limits of conventional song structure. This is a magical album.

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