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Band of Horses
Everything All the Time
Sub Pop

Ok, I have to listen this start again...

Wow. Man, what a feeling. When you meet someone, and you just KNOW you're going to care about them. That's how I feel hearing this new Sub Pop band for the first time. First of all, they have the balls to open the record with this gigantic shimmering rhythm electric guitar. This guitar is as chrystal clear as B. Fleishcmann's Humbucking Coil. And that SLOW BEAT. But then, listen to his voice! First impressions are great, but this grows on you.

"The First Song" is so beautiful. Upon first hearing, I had to listen to the beginning 4 times, and the whole song all the way through twice! Do you know 12 rods? This voice is kind of like 12 Rods' voice, but better. And 12 rods was a damned fine band. The slight effect on the voice is perfect. Sorry for all the superlatives, but this song is really just making me feel very good right now.

[Later, it grew and continues to make me feel better. I've listened to it a whole bunch of times now]

In a somewhat predictable move, "Wicked Gil" picks up the pace with downstrokes. But damn, there's this one hook in there that fucking gets you. Truly it seems, Band of Horses can be trusted. Hm. Shit, I have to go back and listen to these first 2 songs again! What a Pair!

After getting drunk and stoned one night, I put the rest of the album on, starting with 3rd song "Our Swords". According to I-tunes, I had listened to the 1st song 11 times and the 2nd song 6 times. I was ready for the rest of the album to disappoint me, and I was ready for it to be wonderful. I put head phones on and lied back to check it out. Turns out the rest ain't too shabby either. Voice and guitar continuing to take you there.

Sub Pop has really found something special in Band of Horses. People who don't listen close enough might try to say this is a rip-off of The Shins or even My Morning Jacket, but don't listen to those folks. And this is pretty fucking far from alt-country.

These are good songs.

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