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coverpic flag Australia - Full Moon 117 - 04/13/06

The Morning After Girls
Prelude EPs 1 & 2
Rainbow Quartz

This much-hyped Australian quintet's best go at a full on album on American soil to date is this EP combo. It's a trippy Stones-y space shot through the heyday of Andy Warhol's factory, but you could tell that by the cover art. "Run For Your Life" evokes Mick Jagger with the Ashetons better than Living Things ever could, and does it in an aquarium of swelling guitar noise like any great Jesus and Mary Chain record. They get intimate like everyone else gets intimate, with an acoustic guitar half way through the record. "Lazy Greys" doesn't bog down the other contenders, taking a modest desert pilgrimage without the typical sitar epic. Think more of the Velvets' self-titled 1969 LP instead of Beck's Mutations.

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