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flag Australia - Full Moon 117 - 04/13/06

Mafia Horse Connection
self released

If instrumental music has the heavier rock forms of Mogwai at one extreme, and the wafting ambience of bands like Labradford at the other, then Mafia Horse Connection are most certainly at the ambient end of the scale - and gorgeously so.

Instrumental music often falls into the trap of either being too repetitious, and therefore boring and predictable, or far too formless to engage. Thankfully, young Melburnians Ben Webber and Ryan Granger, who have been playing together for three years - and it shows - have got the balance just right.

Weaving beautiful guitar arpeggios through glistening synths patterns and the occasional ominous beat, these three tracks demonstrate that Ryan and Ben wield their formidable arsenal of equipment to compelling ends. Spacious ambient soundscapes drift in and out of focus, making for consistently engaging and melodic music.

Mafia Horse Connection are a duo to look out for.

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