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coverpic flag Germany - Full Moon 115 - 02/13/06

Pale Glitter
City Centre offices

Hendrik Krötz record as Miwon and he's made a name for himself in Berlin. Now we'll see if the rest of Europe will know him after this debut is released. His take on electronica is innovative and playful here. "Brother Mole" is elegiac yet rhythmic. "we've got friends in the darkness" he chants. "Hush" is a sleepy saunter through the disco after closing. "No Need for Sanity" is a remix of a song by Estonian band Pia Fraus. It's a dreamy glide of a song that gathers a little speed with its passing. "When Angels Travel" is soundtrack music waiting to happen. It could easily belong in The matrix, all robotic grandeur and sighing synths. Miwon is a star in wainting.

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