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Trio Tarcutta are one of the leading lights of Melbourne's burgeoning instrumental music scene, and this four-song demo, recorded at Architecture in Helsinki's Super Melody World, is a perfect taster for their great live performances, and a tantalising harbinger of recordings to come.

Peter Barrett's brushed drums, Justin Buckley's guitar arpeggios and Justin Wheelahan's gorgeous droning hammond organ together create a truly lovely instrumental tapestry. The subtle ebb and flow of three of these four songs is bewitching and addictive. Only on predictable rock-out "3.315" do the limitations of Tarcutta's sound become evident.

However, when sticking to their strengths - particularly on my personal favourite "Cicada Cycle", where the chord changes are simply heartbreaking - Tarcutta prove themselves to be a band worth watching. Moving music.

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