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Jon Riley
What Kind of Animal are you?
Dutchoven Records

Since his last album, Jon Riley seems like he's seen a lot of things, both good and bad. A bright anger colors these songs and yet there's hope. "2 Kinds of Animals" contrasts those who watch injustice and those who seek to end it. A welcome sense of urgency drives the song. "Sometimes the Bear gets you" is a soft hush of a song, with gently plucked guitar. But the words bite. "You Win" is a broken-hearted song that simmers with regret. Its quiet intensity cuts straight to the bone.

"Sudan, Baby!" expresses frustration with the lack of empathy that causes the Western world to turn its back to the suffering of Sudan. The singer's anger is palpable.

"You Gotta Sanctify" is a brilliant, rock-based song. Jon Riley has gone from strength to strength as an artist and this album proves he's a great artist.

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