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flag Sweden - Full Moon 114 - 01/14/06

coverpic My Enemy
Roo EP
Yellow Mica

My Enemy have crafted a nice, electro-poppy EP with Roo. Opener "My Time Coming" is catchy and singer Helena Jäderberg has a slightly less twee voice than I was expecting. Well sorry, but so many indie singers worship at the temple of Nina Persson of Cardigans and her cute voice. "Khreis" continues and is a harmony-heavy almost disco song. "Catch one word" is a celestial, odd song. Jäderberg sounds distant and the backing is reminiscent of The Knife's first album.

coverpic My Enemy
Vapen och Godis

The "Khreis" single has one remix of the title song and three of "My Time Coming". I like the shoegazer remix of the latter song. It sounds truly otherworldy and is pleasant to hear. A neat cover of Kim Wilde's "Cambodia" is a nice bonus. It's nostalgic but also contemporary. I quite like this band, but feel like recommending the EP over the single. It's a stronger whole and makes for a great introduction to the band. They are really worth getting into and I hope their debut album will be out soon.

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