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coverpic flag France - Full Moon 113 - 12/15/05

A Forest

Nowaki is a new French label, and this is one of their first releases by label boss Sebastien Llinares. As an album in itself, and as an indication of the future of the record label, it's a notable and enjoyable record.

These seven un-named tracks weave together simple, pretty elements to create a light, buouyant listen reminiscent of Icelandic band Múm. Electro bleeps and boops dance around Llinares' deft guitar playing in an elegant and restrained way, repetitive melodic lines gradually shifting over the course of each track to maintain interest.

Also worth mentioning is the beautiful packaging of this release, which suits the music perfectly. A minimalist white card case with red floral motifs, it looks like aligning the Nowaki aesthetic alongside such exceptional labels as Leaf and Touch, where the design of the sleeve is a central part of the appeal.


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