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Bury The Sound
Bury The Sound EP
Bury The Sound

Young Melbourne quartet Bury The Sound got together and started rehearsing earlier this year (just before Easter?) I've been told. The four piece float around instrumental landscapes of modern laser guided, guitar-tickling, circling rock formerly known as post rock. On their 4 song debut EP they've come up with quite some intriguing stuff, being both pleasantly soothing and perfectly challenging at the same time.

Bassist Simon Jaunay, guitarist Tim Clarke, keys-player Halina Porecki, and drummer Shannon Hayes have spent their time well the few months they've been together. First song "Jeremy Irons" (I really like the sound of the title - like Yo La Tengo's "Tom Courtenay" and Mogwai's "Stanley Kubrick") brings at first my thoughts towards Constellation - the label. Maybe DoMakeSayThink more than Godspeed. But somewhere in that direction. The song is swaying in a quite majestic way, with very nice and tasteful guitar playing, and with keyboards putting a fine layer around. "Marathon to Heaven's Mouth" has got some more tempo and rhythms, and, well doesn't move me that much, even though I really enjoy the sound of Tim's guitar, and likes it when he kicks his pedals and boxes.

"Boy Awakens from His Coma" makes me think of Archer Prewitt. It must be the sea-breeze, dreamy melody and the exciting structure. Again delicate guitars, Mr. Clarke. "Lost in the Now" closes the EP/mini with a long piano driven intro, before the full band kicks in - without disturbing the piano "loop". The guitar is floating off in a spacey way, and everything ends almost with a (big) bang. Yet again Constellation comes to mind. Maybe that's Bury The Sound's goal: to bury their sound among star signs, sky high. Well done! Looking forward to hear what comes next.

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