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coverpic flag Australia - Full Moon 112 - 11/16/05

David McCormack and the Polaroids
The Truth About Love
Laughing Outlaw

David McCormack's new album has quite a title to live up to. Fortunately he and his Polaroids seem up to the task. The dynamic title track with its swaggering chorus comes first, and leaves me in no doubt of his talent. "I'm Going To Execute your Ex-boyfriend" comes on with its organ-driven beat and a murderous but tongue in cheek lyric. It sounds like a hit to me. The decadent yet winning "Hypnotist of a Lady" shivers with threat. The country-tinged "Lonely" shows there's even more colors to his palette. "Goodbye from Tomorrow" addresses the oft-praised Marilyn Monroe and gives the subject a pretty cool spin. It's a plaintive, sweet song. This album is very strong indeed.

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