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Big Spaceship
Dream On
Karmic Hit

Funny story. Funny peculiar, not funny ha-ha. I have a friend called JJ whose best friend is called Josh, and JJ told me that Josh played music. I expressed an interest, but JJ couldn't really tell me any more. Soon after that I got a copy of Dream On by Big Spaceship from Martin Kennedy, mastermind behind Big Spaceship, and member of All India Radio. Acoustic guitars on some tracks by Josh Roydhouse. Funny how I knew before JJ what music his friend has been playing.

And what do I say to JJ when he asks what kind of music it is? Well, it's always easy to use a comparison, so I guess the closest I can think of is Air, but not quite as sophisticated or beautiful. Or perhaps the Pet Shop Boys? This is a strange listen as it's pretty cheesy, but really enjoyable because it's so nicely put together.

Normally slick production values and shiny pop tunes wouldn't cut it for me, but there's some really engaging stuff going on here. Some of the guitar lines are very like The Cure, and Martin pulls of the trick of giving the music a wistful vibe that sits strangely with the upbeat drum patterns and synth lines. Simultaneously melancholic and vaguely hopeful. The songwriting is strong and there are plenty of catchy melodies to keep you humming the tunes. "One Step Behind" is in my head right now with its lovely vocal line.

I listen to this album occasionally and find new things to enjoy about it each time. It doesn't really blow me away, as the electro-pop style has never been my thing - it feels a little too arch and detached to move me deeply. However, the songs are good, and the music is well constructed and easy to enjoy. Thanks Martin.

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