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coverpic flag Australia - Full Moon 110 - 09/18/05

Modern Giant
Satellite Nights
Popboomerang Records

Modern Giant's debut starts with the exuberant "I'm Not Broken" with lovely vocals by Gynia Favot. Their music is pretty but capable of surprising grit. "Hell is Other People" is a Satre quote but here it is a guitar pop nugget. "The Band's Broken Up" features an earthy spoken word bit by bassist Adam Gibson. It's here that the bands unique nature lies. Not many bands would combine spoken word and pop, but it works.

"I Thought You Were Somebody Else" is a cute song with a slight do-wop influence. Now there's something you don't hear everyday. The extraordinary "Angie Hart" is a moving tribute to the influence of Frente's singer. Gibson's tale is fascinating. This is a great debut.

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