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Whales Lead to the Deep Sea
Prohibited Records

Purr have only released one 7" so far, but what a good one! These French guys are kind enough to give us a following with 10 really deep songs. It's been compared to Slint. Although this is a nice compliment for the band, you can't just reduce this record to that comparison. They do too much work on creating other atmospheres, working with samples and giving jazzy intonations... While still being an rock band. Emo rock we could say, as the songs are full of emotions, on a rather slow pace.

This record should be listened to at home, with a very low light and an unplugged telephone. Just to get into the inside of a whale. Just to let the music take you as deep as possible in your body.

Trust, the third song should help you to take off to the sea with its noisy guitars and shy voice. Then Schoolyard dives into a very dark world ... where everysound is filled with emotions.

Really, Purr is an excellent record, just out now on Prohibited records, the label of Prohibition, one of France's best rock band. And they have a taste for quality! And there is no song, no sound on the album that has not got an emotion, a tortured feeling. This is not a record for Saturday parties, but what a record!

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