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coverpic flag England - Full Moon 108 - 07/21/05

The Centre Cannot Hold EP
Seed Records

Digitona's EP starts with the lovely "Maris Stella" which features the dulcet tones of Kirsty Hawkshaw. She once sang with long-defunct Opus III who had a hit with "It's a Fine Day". Digitonal are Andy Dodson, Callum Macmilland and Sami Bishai.

"Maris Stella" is a meditative, soft song that should help you undwind. "Snowflake Vectors" is a piece that's a good example of the group's wish to combine classical music with electronica. Bishai adds violins to the sounds created by the other band members. It's music that could give Moby a run in the soundtracking ads department. It seems custom-made for films or ads selling soft fluffy pillows. "Amberkiess" closes the EP nicely with bubbling keyboard noises meshing with the violin.

Digitonal are planning a full-length soon and I look forward to hearing it.

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