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coverpic flag Sweden - Full Moon 107 - 06/22/05

Christian Dohber
Born For A Purpose
Green Wave

Christian Dohber is the former singer of the band Moses (formerly Black Moses). He's also a pretty sharp soul man as this solo record's opener shows. His falsetto reaches sainted heights on it. On the second track he becomes a rocker in a Lenny Kravitz-like stomper. He adopts a deep baritone for "Soul Train" a sort of psychedelic gospel with folk stylings. Vocally there's nothing he can't do, and musically, well there are no limits there either. Maybe he won't be doing opera any day soon, but you never know.

The astonishing anti-war song "Medal on my Chest" sees him echoing Nick Cave as church bells toll and hell almost literally breaks loose. Not to be pigeon-holed Dohber has the stuff to go as far as he likes.

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