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coverpic flag Sweden - Full Moon 107 - 06/22/05

Zombic Hunch
Blomkraft Records

Kin has an odd, helium-fuelled voice that will either appeal to listeners or repel them. Her music is somewhat less odd, an electronic pop mix. She's started her own label to launch her debut album and it seems like a wise move. Her vocals on "Green Grass" seem otherworldy as she sings of summer and picnics and all things nice. "Girl at the Station" becomes a fusion of a disco pop Björk and a spaced out Stina Nordenstam. 'I am the girl with candles in my brain' she sings. Hmm...

"If you" is quirky and fun with a nice harmonica bit. "Queer" is a charming little slice of astropop that yet again proves Kin is special.

The album"s a bit too long at over an hour, but Kin"s charm makes up for it.

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