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Saint Thomas
Morning Dancer
Racing Junior

Back with a vengeance or what? Anyway Thomas Hansen alias Saint Thomas (formerly St. Thomas) is back again with this 4 song EP, as a foretaste for the upcoming album (his 4th, due to be out in August). It's been quiet for a while, but Thomas has been touring abroad and overseas, and writing new songs.

"Morning Dancer" follows the footsteps of his rather surprising hit "Cornerman". But the sound has improved, as well as Thomas' approach in total. He's sort of leaped out of his lo-fi bedroom presenting a more dynamic and clear sound scenario. He still is an artist of the naive kind. Yes, Thomas is still a 'cornerman' telling his tales of the ordinary observed from various corners of his world. And, believe me, it's quite cool to listen.

His songs aren't smashing and extraordinary stuff but his charms are up there as always.

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