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coverpic flag Australia - Full Moon 107 - 06/22/05

The Daze
Olinda Daze
Big Rig records

The Daze's frontman started it as a solo project, but it soon became a real band. Nick Connolly and his band mates start slowly with the bare "Smoking Stand" a meandering instrumental. "Resting with the Dead" sees Connolly's voice and a seasick tempo creep in. Is it just me or is this very big plains-big emotions-quintessentially Australian music? Here we have echoes of the sadly departed Triffids (David McComb - R.I.P). No matter. Connolly is a less strident presence than McComb was but he dreams in technicolor.

A careful piano leads us into "The Starboard Side" Connolly softly singing his odd lyrics to a nice backing. "Blood Red Wine" sees the singers pondering familial relations in a garage rock fashion. The earlier title "I've been drinking (no the piano)" (see Waits, Tom) displays a wry sense of humor. The Daze turn out to be a very promising and gifted band and this is a great listen.

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