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coverpic flag France - Full Moon 105 - 04/24/05

Cyann and Ben
Happy Like an Autumn Tree
Gooom Disques

French group Cyann and Ben follow up their debut "Spring" with this, psychedelic-influenced new album. A dreamy mood dominates it as well as some out-there songs.

"Gone to waste" is a delicate song with a wistful mood. Cyann's lead vocal is lost in a sea of instruments. "A Moment Nowhere" is sad-eyed and lovely. Its progressive touches leaves it sounding like Pink Floyd if they were formed today.

The finale "Obsessed and Screaming Voice in a Shell" shows the group's strengths as it draws on in a dreamlike daze. The songs grandeur only serves to make it an emotional and musical peak. This is a strong record from a formidable group.

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