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coverpic flag Germany - Full Moon 103 - 02/24/05

Sol Ixent featuring Saba Komossa
Wide Open
Discordian Records

Marc Hurtado joins forces with Saba Komossa for this cd of throbbing electronica. Komossa previously sang in Delkom in the eighties and Hurtado is in Etant Donnes.

"Soy" is punishingly cool with Komossa purring sweetly to a hot beat. The deliciously erotic and disturbing lines of "100 Clear Days" float by on a dreamy wave of calm. "I will suck your bud/I will dig at your petals" promises Komossa and then gets scary: "Tears of blood judging 100 dead people/100 dead people judging your blood".

"Blue hole" conjures images of decadent clubs in some film. Komossa plays the dominatrix while the music hisses suggestively. "The Last Trump" is simply lovely and has a dreamy mood. This record proves to be an interesting listen and this pairing should produce more intriguing songs.

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