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The Necks
The Corner Hotel, Melbourne, AUS, 13.1.05
There's doing something, and then there's thinking about doing something. I spend a hell of a lot more time thinking about music than listening to music. And what's the point in that?

I've thought about The Necks a lot since I've been in Australia. I've felt guilty that most of the live music I've seen has been international - yet there must be lots of great Australian music to check out. And I've read such a great deal of positive press about The Necks that I thought it should be time to hear them.

So, off to The Corner for two one-hour sets from Chris Abrahams (piano), Lloyd Swanton (bass) and Tony Buck (drums). First set was a real slow-burner, gradually building from barely-audible to cacophonous. Simple repetitive bass lines, washes of cymbal, and a singing cloud of pedalled piano notes knitted together to form a hypnotic drone whose interest lay in the tiniest variations. Gorgeous.

Second set was a little more erratic, suddenly switching between moods, and creating some stunningly funky music. About 20 minutes in I was dancing on the spot, eyes closed and blissed to the max.

Music made by bands like The Necks is ideal to see live seeing as it's all improvised; it's totally delicious to be there as the magic happens. However, they make music that is quite unlike anything I've ever heard, and completely addictive, so I may have to get shopping for some of their CDs. Stop thinking and do it.

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