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This Is Where I Keep It
Clever Bedsit Records

Clever Bedsit seems like an apt name for a record label that releases a record like this one of minimalistc, home-produced songs by one Simon Kean.

"My Beautiful Blue" starts with the shocking line "I promise you those bruises wont show in the morning" and describes an abusive relationship. The creepy feeling is evoked by the slowly unfurling music too. "Token Fuck Off Song" is a clever little song about hatred and hurt. "Bind" has the lines "Watching porn for the blind/phone sex for the deaf". Ah Mr. Kean, you're wry.

Kean's method of almost casually whispering about the obscenities and the cruelty we people are capable of works alarmingly well. The closing "Stendahl" is less bleak than the other songs but hardly offers much hope.

It really is clever bedsit music.

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