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flag US, Florida
Capital: Tallahassee
Population: 13,953,000
- Republicans: 3,911,825
- Democrats: 3,534,609
Bird: Mockingbird
Flower: Orange blossom
Motto: In God We Trust
Nickname: Sunshine State
Song: Swanee River
Tree: Sabal palm
Source: 50 States & Capitals / CNN
CourseFull Moon
Atlantic Manor: The World Beneath This World Is Brightening 06/26/10
Broken Tusk: Three Songs 01/12/17
Butterfly Messiah: Eternal 05/04/04
David Packouz: MicroCOSM 05/28/10
Electric President: Electric President 01/14/06
Electric President: Sleep Well 07/18/08
Electric President: The Violent Blue 04/28/10
Gileah: The Golden Planes 04/13/06
Iron & Wine + C.W. Stoneking + Grand Salvo: The Corner Hotel, Richmond, Melbourne, AUS, 04.10.04 10/28/04
Iron & Wine: The Shepherd's Dog 09/26/07
Iron & Wine: Woman King EP 03/25/05
Iron and Wine: Around the Well 05/09/09
Jim White: Transnormal Skiperoo 10/26/07
Juniper: Unspoken 12/26/04
Lears: Her Magic Smile/Don't You Know 04/22/97
Mary Karlzen: The Wanderlust Diaries 06/01/07
Mercymachine: The Devil I know 01/14/06
Meringue: Music From the Mint Green Nest 10/16/97
Otis, My Man: Promo CD 06/14/03
Radical Face: Ghost 07/30/07
Radical Face: Parkteatret, Oslo, Norway, 17 November 2015 11/25/15
Radical Face: Sunn 12/14/16
Radical Face: The Family Tree: The Bastards 11/25/15
Radical Face: The Family Tree: The Branches 11/17/13
Radical Face: The Family Tree: The Leaves 04/22/16
Radical Face: The Family Tree: The Roots 10/29/12
RickoLus / Leto: Destroyer / Barvy 11/25/15
Ryan Powers Boyle: Ryan Powers Boyle 01/19/11
Terio: Eternally I Wait For You 12/31/09
Tristan Clopêt: Purple EP 05/28/10
Windsor For The Derby: How We Lost 08/16/08
rickoLus: Smaller Heart EP 01/12/17
rickoLus: Underground EP 11/14/16
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