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Little Kiss Records

A last minute charmer, all the way from New Mexico. Foma present playful cello-pop with ping-ponging vocals, shared between Edward Burch (vocals, guitar) and Ariel Muniz (bass, vocals, keyboards and cello, too). So when main-cellist Heather Trost e-mailed me asking, saying: "...I play cello and violin and keys and sing a little too. We have guitars and bass and drums, and two girls! Not that that matters a bit, but some people like to know that. We have been compared to American Analog Set, and have Velvet Underground influences..." I was quite curious to check them out.

Foma were formed in January 2002 by Edward and one Jon Gaiser (both ex-Derelectrics), with Heather and Audrey McEwen. After a while Jon and Audrey departed, and new permanent members were Ariel and Heath "Testy Kool" Dauberman (drums). Debut album Icecaves was released a couple of months ago, but happen to reach these shores just about when Norway is turning into a place with nothing but ice-caves. Hmm.

But Foma's Icecaves is a much, much more warm and friendly and pleasant place to be than an upcoming Norwegian winterland. Cello'n'violin driven pop is really up my alley, and when Foma unveil their smart little melodies, filled with nice instrumental hooks and cunning arrangements I'm easily out-charmed. Check out the end of song 2, "Junior". "Message To The Interplanetary Man" is really catchy, and like many of the songs on the album it's being playful and skillful, as well as accurately melancholic. Check out "Rooftops", or "Warm & Fuzzy", or "Sydney Smathers". Or the more fragile "Scared", and the nify entitled "Nice Dress, Asshole" - the latter being Foma at their most rocky path. If you're a bit into the extended Elephant 6 family's stuff you'll be hooked.

Foma, big kiss from me!

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