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Jim Protector
Jim Protector's guide to self-pity EP
Switch Off Records

Jim Protector are Jarle Noraas and Aleksander Svanberg from the small town Horten, south west of Oslo. They started writing songs together three years ago, and put out their debut 7" Half Finished / Half Begun in 2002. Last year they recorded this EP, which finally hits the shelves.

Jim Protector are now based in Trondheim (now being a foursome, including gents Sondre and Mats) and Jim Protector's guide to self-pity EP is indeed an interesting taste from a band to watch out for. According to the press sheet they have good taste when it comes to picking inspiration. Grandaddy, Arab Strap, Yo La Tengo, Neutral Milk Hotel, Godspeed You Black Emperor!, Jad Fair (who'll be joining in on some of the songs for their forthcoming album!). I must say!

"Explain" sure sounds a bit like Grandaddy (pre-The Sophtware Slump). Teasingly, fuzz-soaked guitars and bent rhythms, topped with bubbling keyboards. "Flowers for Florence" is a noisy bit of a candycoated, space-rock underground stroll through filthy pop debris. The title track is a bit more of a "trad" indie-rocker (with a hint of the Cure on the vocal side). Final song "Waking up with me" is a calmer, drone-pop song piece, up YLT's alley. A most charming EP.

I'm already wearing the Jim Protector button on my chest pocket. Eagerly awaiting what's to come.

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