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Regina Spektor
Soviet Kitsch
Shoplifter Records

Regina Spektor has released two albums prior to this and toured with the Strokes, recently she sang a duet with them for a b-side. On Soviet Kitsch she continues to make quirky and likeable music.

Her distinctive, playful vocals and piano are at the center of the songs. "Poor Little Rich boy" has her singing like Björk and banging a stick marginally in tune. "Carbon Monoxide" features Elysian Fields' Oren Bloedow on guitar.

Regina sings her odd lyrics with conviction. "The Flowers" is lovely and scaled-down. Regina plays her piano and sings of dried flowers left by a lover sweetly. "Your Honor" has a punk band joining her and crank the volume up. She yelps excitedly at home with this music too. "Ghost of Corporate Future" has a smart lyric referencing Dickens' famous Christmas story. This time it's a young man rather than Ebenezer Scrooge getting a ghostly visit.

"Chemo Limo" sees her alone at the piano, delivering a stunning song. Regina Spektor is a true original and this album is great.

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