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The Burning Thread

Incus are a doomy and tribal-sounding darkwave band. The evocative singing of Jason Coehn assures that they are treat a to hear. "Even if it kills me I wish you well" is as sad as the title implies. It's also rhythmic and oddly persuasive. The cello and spooky sounding backing vocals are well used. "Dead Wood" echoes late period Dead Can Dance. Its driving beats and haunted moods sound great.

"In an Instant" is relatively laid-back and shows Cohen's gift for writing strong songs. His vocals sound a bit like Voltaire (the singer, not the philosopher) here. The paranoia of "Fear" has a suitably dark musical setting. Its rumbling beats and haunted singing sound great.

Incus will make fans of Dead Can Dance happy and this debut marks out a bright future for them.

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