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Alice in Cuckooland

From: alice
Date: Sat Jun 26, 2004 10:01:33 PM US/Pacific
To: ric
Subject: sir murray

hey you

so i scored one ticket for sure for david murray's new group at yoshi's in oakland and maybe a +1 if we work it right ,,, heh heh... this gonna be great - david murray is foogin amazin...

any hoo - i've got interviews at the shop all day ... but it's a 10 o'clock show ... dinner on the way? or at yoshi's? their sushi's really good... or le cheval? i'm a little flush - we should do it up right - it's a long time comin'!

wow - i'm listening to the new robt wyatt record - it's really something else - he's making music that only he could make that i'd like like that... it's not art garfunkel but it is and it's not michael franks but it is... in so many ways it really is ( like ) them and many more ways outside of itself itself...

and even though i haven't seen it in a long time it kind of reminds me of the music in that movie lost horizon. the cadence that suggests cinema is also one of journey and yearning.

i need to listen to wyatt more - i haven't checked him out since that ultramarine album he did a while back... now what ever happened to that record i wonder?

it's so sad about his accident... is it true that the top of the pops wouldn't let him perform because of his wheelchair?

i never really cared for the soft machine stuff as much as i thought i Should... maybe it's time to go back and check those releases out again? where would i start?

but monday! murray's gonna make the back of my head fall open when he starts doing that circular breathing sheets of sound thing... the shivers are starting to bubble already and surface...

Robert Wyatt: Cuckooland (Hannibal/Ryko)
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