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coverpic flag Belarus - Full Moon 95 - 07/02/04


I/DEX are one of those minimal techno/glitch artists who removes themselves so far from the staples of the genre that it would seen impossible to hear this music in any disco in the world. Broken fragments of sound glides on a lush tapestry of complex rhythms and waves of synths. Half formed or maybe half hidden melodies raises above the waves from time to time, just enough to make the ride a pleasant one, bordering on muzak at times, but mostly interesting enough to make you forgive the lazy parts.

The summery pleasant feel finally gives way in Evox to a darker and for me more rewarding creation, where the long shadows of former giants like Tangerine Dream melts away in the blinding light of creativity.

I/DEX are the child of one Vitaly Harmash from Belarus and his primary goal is in his own words: "I/DEX puts rose-colored spectacles on you, and you begin to see the world that surrounds you as much more beautiful and romantic." Some darker undercurrents undermine this romantic hope for the use of his music, but as always are there beauty to be found in the darkness. Just look to Coil, another one of I/DEX' obvious sources for inspiration.

Seqsextend is the perfect opposite to the modern industrial genre of hash electronics. This is soft electronics. Moon music for warm summer nights, where the din of the world seems far away. Especially pleasant is the all too short "Eunet" with it's wash of soft noise where the occasional voice raises from the background. A sort of "lost" quality makes it the most timeless and standout track on another pleasant CD from nexsound.

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