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Marianne Pillsbury
The Wrong Marianne
Averege White Girl Records

Marianne Pillsbury has a sound that harks back to the nineties heyday of alternative music. She pens smart and infectious songs. The euphoria of "Supersize" contrasts with the sadness of "Boo Hoo" and the lust of "Layaway Girlfriend". Comparisons have been made with Liz Phair and on this evidence they seem just right, but Pillsbury has her own distinctive voice.

"But if I ever fall in love again/../ will I lose my sense of humor and write sappy love songs?" she asks on "Boo Hoo". The answer is no. Not when she's this witty and funny and insightful.

Then there's the Blondie meets Juliana Hatfield fun of "Sweet and Sour World". And the improbably titled "Ex-Ex Boyfriend" that boats a stunning chorus and another drop dead funny lyric.

Despite the albums title this record is exactly right.

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