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Lali Puna
Faking the Books
Morr Music

The new album by Lali Puna is intriguing. It's electronic but not dehumanized. Valerie Trebeljahr's warm but somewhat distant voice ensures that the listener is hooked from the first track.

The strong hooks of "Call 1-800-fear" go with words of paranoia. "While you're away someone's taking over. Exploitation fear. Misleading you" intones Trebeljahr over pulsating synths. "Micronomic" is another song that has the appeal of a pop song, but with far more subversive lyrics. "B-Movie" is metallic and rhythmic like New Order in their prime. "Geography-5" moves at a slow pace and allows Trebeljahr's singing more space.

The song's ebbs and flows resemble Spiritualized. The single "Left Handed" is as light as recent Air, but has a deeper undercurrent of sadness. "We've been let down" sings Valerie but the song's beauty prevents it from being too morose.

"Faking The Books" is a contender for the best album of the year already. It's a big step for Lali Puna.

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