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N-2003: another year bites the dust

What more is there to say? The plumber did it... In a year when it seemed like everyone cared for anything else but quality and excitement in music, it's hard to find some real Norwegian classics at all. Well, by judging the national press there's been L-O-A-D-S released this last year. Hype is all around. All you need is hype. Sure, it's quite ok for pop and rock in Norway to be appricated. But there's a limit, and when the content is missing it doesnt' matter how shiny the gift wrapping is.

For finding some of the 2003 releases check our back issues (I could namedrop Cato Salsa Experience, Magnet, St. Thomas or Øyvind Ryan-Gruppen). Others worth mentioning? Well, the album I liked the best was maybe hip-hop twosome Equicez and their State of Emergency - Generation Equiz. Others into flowing rhythms and words were Jaa9 & OnklP (a.k.a. Dirty Oppland) and their Bondegramatikk - the mixtape.

The pop-heads of the year? As always lots are happening in Bergen or on the western coast. Newcomer-youngster Julian Berntzen released his Waffy Town. Another newcomer-youngster, Sergeant Petter put out his It's a Record, while a third young newcomeresse (ok, she's a Swede in exile) Karin Park presented her Superworldunknow. Then there's this young Norwegian lady Ane Brun (living in Sweden) who also made her debut with the critically acclaimed ode to her best friend (her guitar), Spending time with Morgan. And while being on the Norwegian-Swedish relationship track: another solo artist Frode Fivel (of Hello Goodbye) who's been traveling between our two countries put out his debut Patience Will Win.

And for those about to rock...? bit on the side we've got the noise-experimental trio (bass, drums and viola!) Noxagt, noticed for their album Turning It Down Since 2001. Another more rock solid, hard working trio is El Caco who put out Solid Rest. And, finally, Ricochets came with their follow up The Ghost Of Our Love, showing a more sober edition of the band.

And that's it. Come 2004...

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