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flag Mare Smythii - Full Moon 83 - 07/13/03

Been Busy Burning

Been busy burning a lot of compilations for friends and me lately. Road trip discs for folks going far. I'm really liking a little bit of me in their carspace in the guise of Joao Gilberto or Phat and Smalls. And on to Arizona we go. Or Lubbock.

And then there's the Super 70's stuff. To be sure, 6 volumes worth so far, and lotsa songs still in my head to find and follow. I've been stuck on Poco a little lately. Actually, as I write this, Crazy Love's been on loop for about 45 minutes. What is it's so comforting about these soft and sappy songs? They're like a fiber of my being; as much as any relationship or an old sweater. They'll make you moan, they'll make you groan, they'll make you want to phone an old buddy and reminisce about that Cat Stevens show in Chicago right before he checked out. Or the Ambrosia/Little River Band/10cc thing with your first love. Perfect.

Am I going to feel that sentimental about Belle and Sebastian in 20 years? Hold it. I guess I already do. Bad example. But you know what I mean. Or do you?

You're probably thinking I'm regessing, but I digress. When Times offer little solace, often the past, those simpler days, are reminders of what is good and lasting.

Like Seals and Crofts.

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