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coverpic flag Norway - Full Moon 71 - 07/24/02

Silver Messenger
35 g Records

We presented Seid's album debut last full moon. Here's the vinyl 7-inch debut that in fact was released a few weeks earlier than the CD. "Silver Messenger" is credited to Indian Pudding & Pipe whoever that might be. It sounds closer to Seid than Seid's own "Café-Lola" on the flip, though. The former is sort of progressive spacerock with a balalaika orchestra threatening to take over the show in between. Either moody or funny all along. "Lola" has harder edges, but relaxes at times. It's probably the most shapeless of Seid's recorded output, I don't quite see what they're aiming at. Neither song is your obvious choice for a single. The playing is great but the production (and cover) is grey and dull compared to the album. Only the green vinyl itself sparkles. It ought to scare Superman several miles away. If you're looking for the playful and inventive sides of Seid, the CD Among The Monster Flowers Again ought to be your obvious first choice.

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