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The Crayon Theatrical
The Crayon Theatrical
Scabby Brooks Records

The Crayon Theatrical is the one-man-show consisting of Michael Homyk. DIY pop with a love for "dreamy psychedelica" as the press sheet says. Holding "instrumental passages of progressive rock, and pop music with his poetic lyrics". Not a bad description.

This six song mini is proof of an artist with a certain talent. He's done everything himself (I guess), and he seems to love playing with his box of crayons. The arrangements fit the songs quite well, and he's got a blooming voice. Of course the whole thing sounds a bit unfinished sound-wise (mixing), but I guess things can be improved next time around. There's plenty of charm on this record.

To name some songs I find "Galesburg" quite charming (despite the cow-bell!). "Cotton Candy Heart" is sort of an unpolished Neil Finn demo, while "The Doll House" is maybe the album's finest. Watch out for a full length album sometine.

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