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My Time Is Yours
dBut Records

Third album proper from Rune 'Sternklang' Brøndbo, who tagged his musical style with the title of his first, Freestylespacefunk (Beatservice 1997). He continued his journey throughout cool'n'chilly elctronic jazz-lounge landscapes (by 2nd album Neolounge, Beatservice 1999), and now he's got some time for us again. Starsound?

Firstly My Time Is Yours clocks in at almost 1 hour, which may feel a bit long within its monotonous parts and staccato rhythms'n'breaks. A bit. That said the record is also teasingly fresh. Like having the most dewy glass of refreshment on a hot and sweaty day. Imagine. The whole thing starts quite laidback, lazy-jazzy-tropical. With blue-toned saxes and flutes by Sternklang associate Håkon Kornstad, who alongside bassman Per Zanussi juggle the sampled and looped parts of the Sternklang 'klang'. Adding the useful organic spices to the mixture. "Afterglow" (previously released as a 7") sways like a palm on an empty beach, while "My Time Is Yours" tickles the classic "Ghost Town" theme. "La Bas" makes me think of Xploding Plastix, in addition to its slight flirtation with Middle-Eastern sounds.

More fun? The playful boucing ball "Liebling" reminds me of a Cornelius piece. "A Sunday Lind of Thrill" is sort of a "soft-boiled" detective theme, speed-bossa-nova style. Check also the bass-driven "Push My Luck". Crispy. And, well, yes: the most annoying track is the up-beat "Satmara!". Just had to tell.

"Salsaulito" sets the perfect mystic moood before fade to...silence. Silence? No. Fasten sun-glasses. Prepare for a long-drink feast. Electropicano anyone? Electrocalypso Now!

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