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flag Norway - Full Moon 65 - 01/28/02

2001 A Pop Odyssey - Flights 9-12
Big Dipper Records

2001 has not been the best of years for air traffic. Swiss Air stumbled severely. Sabena fell. We had September 11th and October 7th followed by global scepticism towards flying. Astroburger's odyssey into different pop-fields also had problems. The moonthly flights went smoothly during the first half of the year. From Flight 8 onwards there were delays, especially the last four. Anyhow, Big Dipper at least managed to release all twelve singles in 2001. The last four arrived from the printers on December 31... Those of us smart enough to subscribe, got a thoroughly drawn family tree revealing 25 Astroburger line-ups since the start in 1987 (only three during 2001, though) as a bonus offer. But we had to pay a little extra for the black box fitted to contain all 12 singles. But there is music too...:

The fatal Flight 9 (to outer space) of September looks to the "Southern Sky". A mid-tempo pop-rocker or better rock-popper that only Astroburger is capable to master. Melodic, tough guitars, but jangling enough to prevent the worst heavy tendencies, making it joyful and humorous instead. "Yellow" is a different cup, starting with an almost country beat that turns out to be a rhythm box. Lots of backward guitars, relaxed vocals that carry the melody throughout. Nothing much happening, really, but cosy all the same.

Flight 10 has an American cover, with the two WTC towers looming in the background. "This Is Gonna Save You" is the misleading title of side A. Slide guitar and xylophone(?) at first, the keyboards take over eventually. Sounds like a resigned and half-depressed Bob Dylan ballad with lots of rock'n'roll elements. Not bad, not at all! "Timothy Modhead" seems to try too hard to prove Astroburger can be merry too, but doesn't sound convincing to these ears. Too flustered, methinks.

The printers seem to have switched the labels of Flight 11. The majestic instrumental of side A is in fact "A For Astro - B For Burger" of side B. With lots of sounds and as heavy as Astroburger can ever be. Funny-funny! "Golden Falcon" on the other hand is a jangling melancholic song. Very quiet at times, very Astroburger elsewhere. A goodie!

Flight 12 and Christmas time is (well, by now, was - editor's note) here again. It's "Norman The Poet's Christmas Carol" accompanied by piano and a string quartet or something, too! Not quite like Danny the Car Wiper, the Junkie's Christmas (William S. Burroughs that is), but at least with a bottle of wine, enough cigarettes and let's go to the bar after we've followed the star. Quite solemn, honestly! Finally 2001 - A Pop Odyssey Theme sums it all up with a joyful synthesizer, guitars and even a surf slide! And it's not an instrumental theme, see the end.

12 moons and 26 songs on: It was definitely worth coming along from the start despite the delays, if you ask me. A personal favourite if I have to choose one... hard to pick, but I guess Flight 2 wins a close race. I'm not sure the band or Big Dipper in particular are as pleased. Big Dipper will definitely never start such a foolish project again. Too many problems, too much hustle and bustle. Anyway, they did it!!! At the time of the last release (say it loud): 2001 - gone! 2002 - how do you do?

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